Malaria Free World by 2030

Malaria Free World by 2030

Malaria Free World by 2030

Malaria Free World by 2030

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At Travel Health Group (brands Care Plus® and Moustifluid®) we aim for a malaria-free world by 2030. This is a very ambitious goal that thrives our team and our partners. Every purchase of a Care Plus® product really contributes to a malaria-free world. With our Buy One, Give One program and the help of our partners, we are on our way to achieve this goal.

Will you join us in the fight against malaria?

This map show where Care Plus mosquito nets are distributed thanks to the Buy One, Give One program.
On this website you can find our Malaria Impact Reports. you can read all about malaria and the impact of a bite from the malaria mosquito. We also will tell you more about the fight against malaria, our partners and the results we have achieved so far.

Watch interviews with, among others, Arnoud Aalbersberg (Chief Mosquito Officer) and various partners and stakeholders. Read success stories from the local population or videos in which we take you along during our outreaches and the production process of the printed, impregnated mosquito nets.

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Malaria and mosquitos

Malaria can be transmitted by the bite of a female mosquito. This mosquito is active between sunset and sunrise. Malaria is caused by a bite of a mosquito infected with the Plasmodium parasite.

Buy One, Give One for a Malaria Free World

Buy One, Give One program

Since some of our products can actually save lives, we would like to do so. 1% of every Care Plus® product sold goes to this higher goal of making the world malaria-free by 2030.

Printed mosquito net by Twiga Ventures

Our partners

Uganda is one of the 10 countries where Malaria is still a major problem. That is why Care Plus® has started local activities here to protect the local population. For example, by distributing impregnated nets.